Bible Study Opportunities


What’s at the center of faith? How is the Christian faith different than other faiths? Do I understand what I mean when I say, “I’m a Christian”? Is there a source of strength for my life because of this Jesus of whom I’ve heard?

It was 1941. Britain was under siege. Every night London was assaulted with a seemingly unending barrage of bombers. At such a time as this, a layman in England, a medieval scholar who had only recently embraced the Christian faith, began to present a series of radio talks seeking to share an understanding of what it really meant to be a Christian, and of what relevance that could be to one’s life.

After the war, C.S. Lewis brought that series into a book that has been a best-seller ever since. “Mere Christianity” has helped millions of people come to a better understanding of who they are and how they fit into the universe as a child of God.

We will begin a study group to read through and learn from this book. Each session will be on Wednesday evening, beginning March 30, 2016. We will open at 6:45 PM and finish by 8:15 PM. The books are available now if you would like to jump into what Lewis has to share with you! They can be picked up in the church office. There is no charge. We will also have a study guide and a video series to help us move through the material over the 8 sessions. All adults are welcome. If you would use nursery care for young ones, please let us know (315-287-2440) and we will arrange it.


Other opportunities include the Adult Sunday School class (Sunday mornings beginning at 9:30 AM), call the church office, 315-287-2440 for an update.

Please check out the UMW  and the Men’s Group pages for additional study opportunities.

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