Bible Study Opportunities

Church-Wide Bible Study: Disciple Fast Track, Wednesday evenings

This fall, we will share in a congregation-wide Bible study called Disciple Fast Track. We’ll meet for 12 weeks, beginning on Wednesday, September 13th from 6:30pm-8pm. In this study, you’ll get an in-depth look at the whole New Testament. (We’ll do the same thing in the spring with the Old Testament.) If you want to know more about the Bible, if you want to deepen your faith life, if you want to better equip yourself as a disciple and leader alongside your friends in faith, this study is for you! From the Publishers:

This 12-week study immerses the participant in the New Testament. Disciple Fast Track, an adaptation of the original, bestselling Disciple Bible Study, provides a viable option for busy people seeking comprehensive engagement over time with the entire biblical text.

 A brief, illustrated review video enables participants to recall important facts and ideas; lively and engaging video presenters then offer insights into the current week’s session. Participants have the opportunity to take a spiritual gifts assessment and determine meaningful ways they can serve and live out their discipleship commitment. They also have opportunities for celebrations marking their completion of the Old and New Testament components of Disciple Fast Track.

 Call 315-287-2440 or email


Bible Study with Judy Sibley at Pine Grove, 275 W. Barney Street

All are welcome to Bible Study at Pine Grove!  We meet in the Community Room on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.  Visitors’ parking lot and main entrance are in rear of building;Pine Grove residents and people from various local churches attend.

We read scripture together and discuss God’s meaning and message for us today.  We share joys and we pray together.

Come and join in our lively discussions and joyful fellowship!  Bring your Bible—no other materials are needed! Call Judy Sibley, 315-287-0830, for more information.