Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School, 2015


The 2015 version of Vacation Bible School is now history. Thank you for sharing your time, children, talents, cookies and much more with the staff of VBS. Son Spark Labs traced God’s life-changing plan as it’s revealed from Creation to the present and on into the future.


“Raise your hands and wave them in the air and spread the Good News everywhere!”


The focus for each day:

Monday Who made the world and who made me? God’s Plan: 2 MAKE Us!

Tuesday What Happens when I do wrong things? God’s Plan: 2 BE WITH Us!

Wednesday What is God like? God’s Plan: 4 Us 2 KNOW Him!

Thursday Why did Jesus have to die? God’s Plan: 2 SAVE Us!

Friday So . . .now what do I do? God’s Plan: 2 LOVE Us 4-Ever!

Each session focused on one aspect of God’s Plan, as revealed through God’s Word.