Lay Leadership report 2019

First UMC Gouverneur Leadership – 2019

Lay Leadership Report

Thank you to all of the members in our congregation who have stepped up to serve Jesus by accepting on of the positions ns on our leadership team. A full list has been attached s that you may see how people some of the ways we serve each other, our church and the Lord.

Board of Trustees

Non-voting: Pastor
Officers and Reps elected by Trustees
1/3 must be women. No term limits
1/3 can be non-members. Elected by ballot

Class of 2019 – Richard Cota, Al Meyer, Kelly Hockenbary

Class of 2020 – Andy Leonard, Mary Benware, Deanna Hadfield

Class of 2121 – Helen Harrington, Ron McDougall, Wayne Hayden

Committee on Lay Leadership

Class of 2019 – Tina Kingsley, Vicky Reed

Class of 2020 –Hazel Finley, Amber Ormasen

Class of 2121 – Dawn French, Cadie Hockenbary

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

Membership: Must be all members. Can serve 2 consecutive 3 year terms. Cannot be staff. Cannot be related to members. Pastor must be at meetings, or DS with pastor’s notification. Ex-Officio: Lay Member(s) to Annual Conference, Lay Leader

Class of 2019 – Laura Farrell, Natalie Towne (N. Gouverneur)

Class of 2020 – Judy Bush (N. Gouverneur), Dede Scozzafava, Rick Wood

Class of 2121 – Peggy Cronk, Sally Hayden, Diane Kelley and Marilyn Maine (both N. Gouverneur)

Council of Stewards

Chairperson: Naaman Lowry,Vice Chair: Don Schuessler,  Secretary: Peggy Cronk,
Lay Leader: Don Schuessler,  Lay Member to Annual Conference: Steve Jadlocki,  Council on Ministries Chair: Tina Kingsley,  Staff-Parish Rep: Sally Hayden or representative, Finance Rep: Jackie Prashaw or representative, Treasurer: Vicky Reed, Trustees Rep: Deanna Hadfield or Representative,  Add Hope Rep: Glenda Schuessler,
Memorials Chairperson: Tyler Bowman

Finance Committee

Class of 2019Heather Bowman

Class of 2020 – Jackie Prashaw, Dayle Burgess

Class of 2021 – Bob Buddenhagen, Dan Kingsley

Worship Auxiliary

Choir Director: Don Schuessler
Organist: Glenda Schuessler
Acolytes: TBD
Certified Lay Servants: Richard Moore, Don Schuessler, Hazel Finley

Communion Stewards: Judy Bush, Judy Wood Usher/Greeter Coordinator: Jeanne Garner Liturgist Coordinator: Lauren Correa
Nursery Staff: Lori Chambers, JoAnn Crandall (coordinator), Mandi Dake, Tara Barbarito, Kim Walrath, Kelly Crandall, Rae Absalon

Praise Team: Lauren and Victor Correa Sanctuary Set-Up, Altar: Vicky Reed
Worship Planning Team: Don Schuessler, Glenda Schuessler, Lauren Correa, Victor Correa, Vicky Reed, Amber Ormasen

Council on Ministries

Umbrella Group for mission and ministry. Open meetings. No term limits. No membership required.
Chair: Tina Kingsley

Secretary: Kennedy Mussaw

Ex-officio: Lay Leader, Lay Member to Annual Conference, Camping Representative, WGYB2S Rep, Sunday School Rep
At-Large Members:Tim Quick, Annetje Griffin, Taylor Ormasen, Andrea Erdman

Care Ministries –Laura Farrell, Cadie Hockenbary, Jeanne Garner, Gretchen Currier

You’re Not Alone- Terry Pistolesi, Judy Bush, Lauren French, Heather Bowman, Dede Scozzafava

Sunday School

Superintendent: Heather Bowman
Subs: Laura Farrell, Victor Correa
K-1: Elaine Hopper, Taylor Ormasen, Peggy Cronk 2-4: Heather Bowman, Jennifer Callicutt, Susie Meyer 5-6: Kennedy Mussaw, Amy Peck, Leesa Isereau, Staci Hayden 7-12: Tyler Bowman, Jordyn Girard, Amy Peck, Cameron Boprey
Adult Class: Cadie Hockenbary
Youth Group: Amber Ormasen, Jennifer Hicks, Amy Peck, Cameron Boprey, Jordyn Girard, Pastor Beth

Other Teams:

Add Hope: Glenda Schuessler, Annetje Griffin, Hazel Finley
Camping: Don Schuessler, Vicky Reed
Friday Luncheon: Judy Bush, Janet Melillo

Hopper Scholarship: Jeanne Garner (Chair), Shirley Jones, Glenda Schuessler, Victor Correa
Library: Laura Conklin, Annetje Griffin

Memorials: Tyler Bowman (Chair), Jeanne Garner, Donna Griffith, Vicky Reed, Laura Conklin, Heather Bowman
Vacation Bible School: Don Schuessler

We’ve Got Your Back: Tina Kingsley, Dan Kingsley, Pat Williams